“A compelling exploration of mental illness.” —Kirkus

“Taylor offers no simple answers about depression, teen pregnancy, or complicated relationships, but leaves readers with an enduring sense of hope.”–Publisher’s Weekly

“…Offbeat romance, sarcastic humor, and the philosophy of life come together in a flying bildungsroman that is both touching and entertaining in its exploration of the internal conflicts of the human condition. With plain but evocative prose and a pair of ceaselessly endearing protagonists, Definitions of Indefinable Things is perfect for readers of middle school age and above.” –VOYA

“An emotionally engrossing and powerful exploration of depression and healing that many teens will find meaningful.”
–School Library Journal



I recently took a trip to NYC with my sisters and, in typical narcissist fashion, used my time in the big apple as an opportunity to romance my novel. If I wasn’t already head-over-heels for Reggie, Snake, and their beautiful cover (designed by the talented Jim Tierney), this trip certainly made me fall into what Reggie calls, “the stupid, non-existent ideal of love.”